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We understand that innovation and sustainability are more than two nice words. They are purposes. That's why we created NSI Innovation, an innovation hub that creates solutions through products or services to improve people's lives and the planet. After all, our commitment to the future goes far beyond the SDGs. They are in our ADN


NSI Innovation uses organic matter in the development of many projects. Among them, something completely innovative for the photovoltaic energy market. Encompassing the entire global sustainability ecosystem.


NSI Innovation believes in research and science. That is why it has several faculties and laboratories as partners in the development of large innovation projects. Stimulating research and giving opportunity for the emergence of new talents for the energy and sustainability market.


NSI Innovation closely monitors all tests of the new technology developed. Giving all the necessary support for the improvement and improvement of the product and the new technology.

Each product created not only impacts the energy market, but several business sectors and global activities.

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