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More than a marketer, NSI Energy Trader, leads development. It overcomes obstacles that harm the future. And shine light on tomorrow. Takes, hope and energy. For people, companies, and the planet. More than a marketer, NSI Energy Trader, connects sustainability the performance. Innovation economy. After all, through NSI Energy Trader, you have all the conditions to develop your business, your city and your country. Creating a better future for everyone.


NSI Energy Trader trades the energy generated by NSI Energy. Taking the best commercial conditions to obtain clean and sustainable energy for industries, companies and homes.


Through NSI Energy Trader, it is possible to acquire infinite clean energy solutions for your business. Helping your company meet important Scope 3 goals, and several UN SDGs.


NSI Energy Trader, in addition to the various clean energies it can trade, also trades Social Energy. Through the Semear project. This energy makes a lot of difference in the lives of 4 million small rural producers in Brazil. Generating quality of life and a better future perspective for the rural man. 

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